Your Minimum Viable Funnel.

Ready. Fire. Aim.

As much as I wish that were my modus operandi, it’s not.

I’m a process person… methodical… for the most part I’m not fast at anything (just ask my wife how long it takes me to clean the kitchen when we divide & conquer).

All too often I tend to follow a process that looks more like this…

Ready. Aim. Aim. Aim…

But one of the keys to producing effective marketing (marketing that gets results… that brings in new customers) is SPEED.

And SPEED with a capital S-P-E-E-D applies to more than just marketing.

When SPEED trumps talent.

My buddy Joel is a designer at Google and gets hit up all the time from other designers about how to land a job at the mothership.  His answer. Do good work. And to do good work…

You must be fast.

You must iterate quickly.

Iteration… optimization… innovation…

All just fancy words for doing good work… and making it better.

In fact, he spoke on the topic at SXSW back in 2014 and shares why he designs app interfaces in Keynote instead of Photoshop or any of the other “UI/UX-specific” tools.

In entrepreneurship, Michael Masterson (aka billionaire Agora Inc co-founder Mark Ford) pounds in the importance of putting first things first in his book “Ready, Fire, Aim” (which you MUST read btw).

With my clients at Strikepoint, I’m always coaching business owners and marketing teams on the importance of testing their ideas as quickly as possible.  Most are afraid to risk ad spend without a guarantee of turning a profit.

My job is to help them spend their ad budget wisely.

Which often means getting feedback as quickly as possible, in the form of data…

Before you profit, you’ve got to pay for data.

ROAS (return on ad spend) is important, but often comes second when launching any new marketing campaign… second to gathering data to make sure a campaign idea is even WORTH expanding on with additional time & money.

Most entrepreneurs and marketing teams feel the need to build an elaborate funnel with all the latest “proven” tactics, with some sort of guarantee of performance, before ever testing their idea in the market.

Good news is, that’s not the case.

You can get feedback with less risk…

By being fast and putting SPEED to work in your marketing process.

I call it…

Your Minimum Viable Funnel.

You may have heard of the idea of putting out an MVP or Minimum Viable Product… it’s a way Silicon Valley startups (or any business for that matter) are able to test their product in the market place and see if they’ve got a winner, or a loser, or more likely… something in the middle… and then they’re able to refine their product to deliver more of the value their customers actually want (i.e. what features & benefits their prospects are willing to PAY for).

In marketing & advertising, the same theory applies.  Create your Minimum Viable Funnel… or the least amount of content necessary to start testing your marketing ideas in the wild.

Don’t build out a big funnel with lead-ins, down sells, up sells, cross sells, non-buyer series, etc…

STEP 1 | Put first things first.

Figure out the ONE most important piece at the top of your funnel and test that.

Look at Tim Ferriss’ example with his first book The Four Hour Workweek, which has sold more than 1.3 million copies world wide.  Before he ever sold a single copy, Tim understood the importance of his book title and so he ran a test where he bought Google PPC ads with different variants on the book title, eventually landing on The Four Hour Workweek since that was the ad that got the most clicks.

You can (and should) do the exact same in your marketing.

Don’t worry about perfection.

Put first things first.

Stuck on the first step?

And if you’re having trouble figuring out what to put first, hit me up…

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