Inspire & Equip Your Tribe

I am currently seeking out speaking opportunities.

If you’ve got a community, team or event, and you want to equip them with the latest tactics in advertising, with a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of marketing, let’s talk.

Speaker Bio

Gabriel is an Agency Insider… a Growth Strategist with over a decade of experience in business development. As the Account Services Director for Strikepoint Media, one of the largest Agencies and Alternative Ad Networks in the Financial Publishing industry, Gabriel and his team have overseen millions of dollars in ad spend. He is driven by data and results, with a deep understanding of the results-getting art of story. Gabriel has been speaking and teaching freelancers and entrepreneurs since 2009.  Since 2014 he has personally helped hundreds of businesses, all with one common goal: to scale their customer acquisition efforts with digital media. The success of those 100+ businesses resulted in a more than 300% growth for Strikepoint Media in 2017 and their team is continuing its growth streak to this day. Gabriel’s most recent project is The Business of Relationships podcast, a show diving into the often overlooked personal side of business, aimed to help entrepreneurs and marketers forge better, more profitable, relationships both 1-on-1 and at scale.


I live & work in beautiful Bend, Oregon where the beer flows like wine (sorry Lloyd… it’s not Aspen, California).

But have traveled around the world living my best life and sharing that with others.  I would love to meet you where you’re at and continue that journey.

About My Work

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